January 2, 2016, 3:14 pm

Sample Image

In this version there are multiple changes mostly internal changes like bug fixes and cod optimizations, but also there are some visible change like are selection in live view and improved image preview.

Script transform plugin

  • Transform plugin improvements
  • Pixel binning plugin - this plugin may help to improve signal to noise ratios but will reduce the image resolution
  • Transform plugin for create video - transform plugins can be used when time lapse video is created in same way like in Transform auto export plugin,
  • Code completion for magic script - this scripting it is very powerful lack of documentation make it almost unusable. The auto completion try to help to more easy script creation, when write the script the auto completion will try to suggest the available parameters and commands
  • Enhance transform plugin
  • Effect transform plugi

Sample Image

Interface improvement

  • Improved support for public web server - the address of public web server can be send via email to a third person,
  • Rework of the bracketing - there was multiple report about bracketing not working reliable, now it is redesigned and simplified
  • Bracketing with time lapse - the bracketing settings can be used with combination with time lapse capture
  • Improvements on time lapse video creation
  • Get focus point info for Canon images - if is turned on the area where camera was find the best focus point will be displayed, the zoom to focus feature can be used to zoom directly in that area of the photo
  • Zoom to focus point feature - if this feature is on when new photo is captured and is zoomed the viewport automatically will move to the first focused point
  • Replace ruler in live view - the ugly sliders are now replaced with a rectangle which can be resized freely, this area can be useful when is used in combination with motion detection or the Crop transform plugin
  • Improvement on image caching and image loading - this part totally remade, now should work more reliable, with less memory usage and faster, the preview image generation will be executed in a background thread, not when the image is selected
  • Rotate preview image manually - the images can be manually rotated, the rotation is saved when images is exported or used with rotate transform plugin
  • Improvements on printing - the paper size can be changed freely and the result document can be saved in jpg, in this way some sort of photo collage can be created
  • Separated installer for Open Broadcaster Software plugin - Can be download from here : http://digicamcontrol.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=898

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