February 24, 2019, 3:19 pm

This release support newly release Nikon And Canon cameras like Nikon Z6/Z7 or Canon EOS R.
Also i added ability to stream live view as MJpeg stream, in this way will be more easy to process live view with other application, like OBS studio without using any plugin. The live view stream address is , the live view required to be started manually in the application and no multiple camera support yet, also the webserver required to be enabled in the settings

Some of the submitted bugs was fixed other not mostly because i have very limited free time.

A another bug which cause the application hang on load it is caused mostly by a corrupted session file, i don't find a fix for it because i can't reproduce it. A temporary fix for it can be t delete/rename the c:\ProgramData\digiCamControl folder.


I search for somebody how can make a simple tutorial about how to use digiCamControl live view MJpeg stream in OBS Studio

The another one it is a bigger request, i don't now even it is possible, recently Pentax released a SDK so it is possible to add support for it in digiCamControl, but for this i need a Pentax camera ( K-1 Mark II,KP,K-1,645Z), this cameras are somehow expensive no chance to buy one from donations. So the request is if somebody can donate such camera or help me to get from Richo or from a major camera store as sponsorship? When i finish to adding support for it, i can send it back (but i can't estimate how much time will take )

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