Source code

Source code located : GitHub

The source code can be compiled using Visual Studio Community 2015. To create installer package WiX Toolset required also to be installed

Free libraries used in project:
  • AForge.NET
  • DotNetZip
  • log4net
  • MahApps.Metro
  • WriteableBitmapEx
  • Portable Device Lib Partially and some code was rewritten.
  • MVVM Light Toolkit
  • Griffin.Networking
  • Magick.NET
External applications used:
  • ffmpeg.exe
  • dcraw.exe

Plugin support

Application functionality can be extended with custom plugins.

The plugins are written in C# language, must implement a IPlugin interface, and should be copied in installation plugins folder. For more examples please consult CameraControl.Plugins project which is included in application source code.

Plugins can extend the application features with:
  • export menu IExportPlugin
  • tool menu IToolPlugin
  • main window IMainWindowPlugin any window can be replaced from default main window
  • auto export IAutoExportPlugin
  • image transform IImageTransformPlugin
  • main window top tool bar button IPanelPlugin

    Standalone library

    digiCamControl can be used as standalone library. For more information check the CameraControlDevices.sln example project.


    The digiCamControl user interface is available in a wide variety of languages. If you find some mistakes or missing parts in a translation, you can use Transifex to edit existing translations or add new ones.