Multiple Camera Usage

To connect multiple cameras in a single usb port, multiple USB hubs can be used, which can be connected in chain, using a single USB port maximum 127 camera can be connected. Highly recommended a good quality USB cable and hub usage.

Isn't possible to trigger cameras in same time using just a usb connection, will be a lag between camera captures around of 200-800 ms so if you use 10 camera the time difference between first camera capture and last camera capture will be 2-8 seconds, this lag isn't the application limitation, this is limitation of the USB hardware. To get acceptable result a external trigger device should be used. There is multiple possibilities like Arduino or USB relays. For configuration check the Settings->Devices page

For better workflow it is indicated when capture in progress to set the transfer mode to camera only and after session finish download photos to pc, from download windows all photos from all cameras can be downloaded with a single click


To download photos from multiple cameras, it is indicated to uncheck Load thumbs in download window this will improve the file list loading time.

For Canon cameras if you experience program hang on startup, start the application without connected cameras, go to File->Settings->Advanced and uncheck the Load Canon transfer mode

To download in separated folder by index (capture order) from multiple camera

  • Check the Save index as series in download window
  • Set the following file name template [Series 4 digit]\DSC_[Counter 4 digit]


  • Can I connect all cameras by usb with usb hubs ? how many PC have to use for connection ?

    • You can connect all cameras using usb hubs to a single PC
  • Can I trigger the shutter to take the photos by your software as the same time ?

    • You can't trigger cameras in same time using any software this is a limitation of the USB protocol, you required to use a external trigger device like usb relay or a arduino based device
  • Can I transfer all photos in to same PC each photo taken ? I found some topic you suggest save the photo to card.
    • Yes you can but there is a lot of data specially if you use raw format so after capture you need to wait for file transfer to be finished this may take even minutes, that why it is suggested to capture to card and after session finished you can transfer all photos from all cameras with a single click