The window can be activated using Menu=>View=>Window=>Barcode

In this windows you can assign external data to a captured photos using file name template [DB Row 1].... [DB Row 9] and attach to a external data a captured photo filename. For current data always the selected row will be used, if no selected row the this feature will be ignored.

When a new bar code is added in barcode field automatically a row which contain that barcode will be selected. This option can be used without external data also.

The scanned barcode can be used in Filename template editor using [Barcode] template.



  • Capture after scan - if you use barcode scanner after barcode read automatically the capture will trigger, same behavior can be managed pressing the Enter key.
  • Keep windows active - if checked will prevent to lose this windows the focus, alway will be in front and active.

Only csv file format is supported for Import/Export functions. First 10 row will be readed, the last row will be the captured file name.