Edit Session

A new session can be created using Menu->Session->Add new session. If a session with Default name already is defined/created the new session will inherit all properties from this session. Edit session

  • Session name
  • Folder - Folder where the photos will be saved
  • Backup photos - If is checked the photos will be copied in the backup folder location also. This is indicated to be used when the Transform auto export plugin is active.
  • Backup folder - The second location where the captured photos will be saved.
  • File Name template - Description how the file name will be generated. In file name template can be used the \ character which will create a subfolder. Ex:. [Camera Name][Counter 4 digit]
  • Counter - A counter for generating the file name, the value will be incremented by 1 after every photo transfer. Can be referenced in file name template using flowing templates :
    • [Counter 3 digit] -> 001
    • [Counter 4 digit] -> 0001
    • [Counter 5 digit] -> 00001
    • [Counter 6 digit] -> 000001
    • [Counter 7 digit] -> 0000001
    • [Counter 8 digit] -> 00000001
  • Download photo thumb only - Download only a small version of the captured photo, this option may not supported by the all camera mdel. It is useful when wifi connection is used or there storage space problem.
  • Use original file name gave by the camera - Will not use the file name template to generate file name. If unchecked the original file name still can be used using the [Original Filename] filename template
  • Allow folder change using image browser - In image browser window a combo box with computer directory structure will show up, where the session folder can be changed
  • Download Jpg only - To speed up the image processing and preview speed only the jpg file will be downloaded when the image format is set Raw+Jpeg. This option will work only if the transfer mod is set to 3. Save to Pc and camera
  • Write comment/tags in downloaded image file - After transfer information from Tag selector window automatically will be added to transferred image as Exif/IPTC info, so can be processed with other application.
  • Allow overwrite - If checked the application will not overwrite any file, if the file already exist and the file name template contain one of the [Counter X digit] template the counter will be incremented until no file will be exist with the generated name. If no [Counter X digit] template automatically the [Counter 4 digit] will be appended to file name template
  • Delete file after transfer - After file is transfered the file will be deleted from camera card, this can be used when the camera not support capture direct to pc.

    Filename template editor

    Filename Template Editor The templates can be extended via plugin system. The available plugins :

  • [Counter x digit] - the session counter value with total length of X character filed with leading 0
  • [Camera Counter X digit] - the capture camera counter value with total length of X character filed with leading 0, the counter can be set in Camera property window
  • [Session Name] - the name of the current session
  • [Capture Name] - the value can be set in main window session tab
  • [Series 4 digit] - another value which can be set on main window, if used with focus stacking after every stack the series will be incremented automatically
  • [File format] - file format of the captured file, jpg or raw
  • [Barcode] - The barcode value scanned in Barcode window
  • [Camera Name] - The camera name set in Camera property window

With filename template you can define folders too using backslash \ character. Ex: [Date yyyy-MM-dd]\[Date yyyy-MM-dd-hh-mm-ss]